Did you know that in 2019 your posts on Facebook will only be seen by 6.4% of your page’s total likes?

What does that mean?

It means this:

When you craft a post and launch it on your business page, only 6% of your pages’ total fans will actually see that post. So… if you have 500 likes on your page (500 * 6.4% = 32) only 32 of your current fans will actually see that post.


Unfortunately, that is the cold hard truth.

Here are some quotes to back up that shocking claim.


From Social Media Today

A post’s average organic reach is only around 6.4% of the Page’s total likes. There was a marketing-world rumor that this reach only extended to an average of 2% of the page’s total likes, but in actuality, it’s more like 6.4%.

From HootSuite

The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 6.4% of a Page’s likes.

From Sprout Social

The average organic reach of Facebook Pages has been steadily dropping with every newsfeed algorithm update. A We Are Social report found that in 2018, the average organic reach is only 6.4% of its Page Likes. 

For this reason, it is a great idea to increase your facebook page likes. More likes = more reach. If you have 500 likes now and you grew your Facebook likes to 1000, then you would jump from 32 to 64. Get 2000 likes and you’ll jump to 128.

Not impressed by my multiplication skills? Me either. It still feels like a waste. However, you can improve these numbers by increasing your engagement rates. The more engagement you have on a post, the more Facebook will show that post and therefore the more people will see it.

There are 2 things I think a local business should hear.

  • #1 – get more likes,
  • #2 – be more creative and share more engaging, sharable, and fun content.

In this post, we will tackle #1. Check out 20 CREATIVE FACEBOOK POST IDEAS FOR CONTRACTORS to for help with #2.



10 tips to get more facebook likes on your business page



This may seem like an obvious one but… why not? Just invite everyone in your personal friend list to like your business page. This is the obvious first step to getting people to like your page. If you have 500 friends, and you invite all of them, then you now have at least 500 people invited. There you go. Great start!



Most businesses have an email list of current and past clients. You can take this email list and directly upload it into Facebook to create a highly targeted audience. But also, be sure to send everyone on that email list — an email. Simply send a simple email stating that you have a new Facebook page and that you would like to invite them to like said page for updates, specials, and deals. That’s a common practice.

So… Let’s say you have 500 people on your email list now you’ve invited about 1000 people to like your page. By the way, if you don’t have a list – start building one by offering a lead magnet on your website.



For as little as five dollars a day you can run what Facebook calls “engagement ads” to get more likes to your Facebook page. This is not the same as paying for likes! Why? Because you are going to use fine-tuned demographics to get quality likes.

When you “buy likes” from some shady company – what you typically get are likes from fake profiles or a ton of likes from people on the other side of the world who really have no businesses following your local business page.

But… when you pay Facebook to invite a targeted audience to like your page you are doing what all businesses do when they market their business. You are paying to get in front of the right audience.

I would suggest choosing a highly targeted demographic for these ads. Do not just blanket the entire United States. Think of it as creating a bucket of warm prospects for your business. You can use the custom audience you’re created of your email list above. You can even ask Facebook to match that email list and create a larger audience called a “look-a-like audience. Or, you can manually create an audience based on interests and behaviors.

For instance, because Silverback focuses on contractors, I might create a targeted audience by selecting demographics specific to the construction or home service industry. Facebook will let me select specific businesses like electricians, roofers, exterior, remodelers, landscapers, etc.



Another simple step you can take to get more Facebook likes is simply add a Facebook like button on your website. If you get 500+ views a month on your website – then that’s just that many more people who will see your website and click on that Facebook page link to like your page. You can add these kinds of Facebook like button’s either by creating your own button through the Facebook developer page (difficult) or if you use WordPress, you can download a plug-in (easier). You could even simply place a link to your Facebook page somewhere on your website with the invitation to head over and LIKE US on Facebook (easiest).



If you have a website that is designed to convert leads then you will have a “thank you” page. All of our Silverback websites have a “thank you” page because the thank you page is an important part of a good funnel. Once a guest to your site fills out the online form they are redirected to said “thank you” page where you have an opportunity to thank them for responding, giving them that extra friendly touch (which is just one more positive experience that potential customer has with you). That “thank you” page is a great opportunity to again invite them to like your Facebook page. These are people who have already taken one step towards getting to know you why not invite them to take the next step which is to head on over to Facebook, like your page, and see your most recent content?



To piggyback on the last point, if you have a website that’s designed to convert, not only will you have a “thank you” page, but you will have an autoresponder email sent to that new lead. This is an email that is automatically sent to them via Mailchimp or some other email service.

Again, it’s just another opportunity for you to give them a warm touch and another positive experience with your business.

So… they came to your site, they filled out your form, they got a thank you page with a friendly smile, then they get an email in their inbox saying thanks again.

You might start to notice a trend here. The more you can touch them with positive experiences – the more likely they’ll follow through and become your customer.

I would recommend inviting people in all your emails to like your Facebook page. It costs absolutely nothing and seems like a very obvious opportunity to invite folks naturally.



More on that note. You probably send dozens of emails every day. And, in all of your emails, you have a signature at the bottom. Most business owners put their name, website, phone number, or address at the bottom of every email.

Why not put a very clear call to action in your email signature that says something like. “Like our page today for a chance to win.” Again, it’s totally free and seems like a very obvious way to invite people who are already engaged with your business.



Speaking of engagement. When you have a post on Facebook that gets shared and has great engagement, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to go in and see who has engaged and personally invite those folks to like your page.

Here’s how you do that:

  • Click the reaction/emotion icons
  • Scroll thru the list of people who have reacted
  • Click the INVITE button on anyone who hasn’t already liked your page
  • Do this as often as you can but, at least weekly
  • BONUS: -get this chrome extension to do this in a few clicks



At least once a week, visit your niche related groups, read other peoples’ posts, and make real and genuine comments. DON’T just post promotional crap in these groups. You’ll only annoy everyone and you might even get kicked out. Instead, be social and comment.

  • This will raise curiosity and drive more people to your page.
  • You can comment as your page and not as self.

Here’s how:

  • From a computer, go to the group’s news feed.
  • In the top left, just under the group’s name, you’ll see it says, “Interacting as your self.”
  • Click that and select your page.
  • Some groups will require a second approval, that’s OK, just wait a day and your page should be approved as well.
  • Each time you want to comment, be sure to check that the “Interacting as…” says your page name.
  • Don’t forget to do step 8 and invite anyone who reacts to like your page.

**If you are unable to choose your page you might try this. I had that problem and couldn’t find a solution anywhere. So… I went to my page settings and changed age limit, profanity, and enable crossposting to the group’s page and it then allowed me to select my page in the groups’ settings. Honestly, I don’t know which one was the one that made it work. It was probably the crossposting one…., but by the time I got it working, I didn’t want to waste any more time trying to figure out why. 🙂



Now that you’ve got the ball rolling, you should start posting sharable content consistently and frequently. That word SHARABLE is key. Please don’t post a bunch of promotional stuff. Nobody shares that. Post valuable, helpful, funny, or inspirational content that people will want to share on their news feed. If they share your stuff, and if others comment or engage with that content, then you can do step 8 and personally invite them to like your page.



These 10 steps will get you started. After about 3-6 months of posting engaging content, commenting in groups, inviting folks to like your page, and paying a little to get Facebook to suggest your page to your targeted audience, you should be well on your way to getting 1000+ likes on your facebook page.



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