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At Silverback Web & Marketing our goal is to watch your business grow. We want to be your outsourced marketing agency so that we can focus on your digital marketing and lead generation while you focus on what you do best.

What is outsourced marketing?

Big companies often hire a marketing director or social media expert to do their marketing. A quick search on google reveals that an average salary for such a position could be between 81,000 and 178,000. If you manage a small to mid-sized business chances are you’re not gonna dish out 100,000 yr. That’s where outsourced marketing comes in. You can hire us as a subcontractor to manage all your marketing for a low monthly cost.

What’s included in the outsourced marketing package?

We build custom packages for business depending on your budget and needs. There is no one size fits all. But, to give you an idea here are 2 sample packages.

12 reasons you should outsource your marketing with Silverback Web & Marketing

#1- Custom Website Built In

You don’t have to spend $3000 to $5000 on a new website because we will build you a new one with your outsourced marketing package.


#2- Live and Active Website

Your new website will be active, not static. This means that we will be constantly adding content to your site every week. The goal is to have consistent changes and content additions so that your website becomes a living and active power site. This helps with your SEO because Google likes to see websites that are active rather than websites that sit there for two years without any changes. Most clients that we see have websites that haven’t changed in 3 to 5 years. Not only do they look like they’re from the 90s, but they have broken links, the leads forms simply do not work, and most of the information is incorrect. When you outsource with Silverback we maintain your website and make changes to it every week as part of your plan.


#3- Lead Form Data

One common concern for business owners is whether or not the lead form on their website is actually emailing them when they get a new lead. I often meet clients you have a lead form on their website that simply doesn’t work. So who knows how many visitors have filled that form out hoping to hear back from the business.  What a tragic waste. At Silverback, our forms not only work but we also monitor your form every day and report to you when we receive a lead just in case you didn’t. Your form also creates a database of all your leads. We back up this database and included in our reporting. You’ll be confident that your web form works because you’ll see the leads coming in every week.


#4- Onsite Seo and Schema Markup

When we build your website we also include onsite search engine optimization including schema markup so that it will communicate to Google that you are a local business.


#5- Google My Business

Silverback will also manage and monitor your Google My Business listing. This listing is the most important directory listing in order to be found on Google maps and local search.


#6- Google analytics installed and monitored with monthly reporting

It’s often stated that if you don’t measure it, you won’t improve it. This is why Google analytics is so important. At Silverback we install Google analytics on your site and we monitor it and reported to you monthly. This way you can see how many visitors you’ve had and what they’re doing. This way we can determine what changes need to be made to your website to improve the conversion rate of potential customers.


#7- Unlimited Landing Pages

Create new and fresh landing pages on a whim. Because we are your outsource content marketers we will create new landing pages for specials and promotions that you would like to push on social media and the web. This would normally cost you extra if you were using another web design company. But with our package, it’s all included.


#8- Weekly Blog Posts

I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve met who have dreamed and stated that they would eventually start blogging consistently for their business. Blogging, or content marketing, is key in getting more clients. Consistently creating and sharing that content improves your search engine optimization. However, most business owners simply do not have time to consistently blog every week. We will do it for you. After developing a blog content strategy. We will begin to create those blogs on a weekly basis and add them to your website. Now you don’t have to worry about that resolution you haven’t kept.


#9- Automated Social Posts

Along with the weekly blogs and posts we will create custom social media posts with images and share them across your social media platforms. This means you’ll have fresh new content on your website each and every week that is shared across all your social media accounts.


#10- Weekly Strategy Calls

Many of our clients state that our weekly strategy calls are the most important part of this package. Because each and every week we spent about 30 minutes on the phone discussing what needs to happen this week, what has happened last week, and what can be improved to help your business grow. As we stated before, our goal at Silverback is to watch your business grow. If you’re growing – we are growing. You’ll look forward to our weekly strategy calls.


#11- Call Tracking and Monitoring

We will also monitor any phone calls that you get from Google, Facebook, and your website. This helps both of us see how the content marketing is working and whether or not it’s getting you new leads. Phone calls are really the bottom line. it doesn’t matter how many people click it matters how many people call. You want leads that convert. Our goal to get you more calls. So, we will track those calls and report each and every call that you receive from our digital marketing efforts. Seconds after you receive a new call you’ll get an email revealing where that call came from.


#12- AdWords or Facebook PPC

Our professional package includes PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. Should you choose we can also manage and monitor your Google AdWords or Facebook Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC advertising has been proven to get more leads for businesses in a very cost-effective way. We love Google AdWords and can manage several campaigns for you as part of your outsourced marketing package.



Let us sit down with you and customize a package perfect for your business. You could start small and have our package grow with your business. We are pretty confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the investment. Give us a call or set an appointment for us to call you – we’d love to meet.