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How you should use social media to get more leads. A comprehensive look at how to use social media marketing for construction contractors, home builders, remodelers, HVAC companies, roofers, landscapers, well… you get the idea.


Does Facebook or Social Media Marketing Work for Home Service Contractors?


Yes, Facebook and social media marketing still work for contractors. However, the results or return on investment have drastically changed in the past few years. I should tell you that if you’re looking to get quick leads to fill your funnel and pipeline then Facebook is not the best use of a contractor’s time and resources.

However, if you have an established contracting company and you’re getting regular leads but want to increase your exposure in your community, build brand awareness, and trust, then social media is an absolute must.


First…we live in a social media world after all. If your business is not in the social arena then you will not be top of mind for hundreds of thousands of people in your community.

Secondly, the statistics are quite compelling:

  • 68% of American Adults Use FB
  • 74% of Those Americans Access FB Daily
  • 95% of Local Businesses use FB
  • 41% of Americans on FB Are Age 65 +
  • 54% of Consumers Research Brands on Social


Contractor Social Media

contractor social media marketing

Perhaps the most interesting statistic in this 2018 report is that 41% of Americans on Facebook are over the age of 65 years old. The older generation is growing on Facebook and this is a key demographic for the home services and remodeling industry.

Even if you hate social media, it is hard to argue with the numbers. For now, and the foreseeable future, social marketing is going to be a force to be recond with.

“It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.”  Gary V.

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Know your customers’ buying cycles

For most construction companies the buying cycle is much longer for than you might think. The buying cycle is the process that every customer goes through when they purchase something. There are probably more than a dozen different ways to think about your customers’ buying journey. However, it is typically thought in terms of a funnel.

Starting with awareness, the first stage is where your potential new customer first becomes aware of your brand or services. The customer then flows into the interest stage, this is where they begin to do some research or a little “tire kicking.” Finally, the customer enters the decision stage where they make comparisons and choose a contractor.

As a marketer I like to think of this funnel in 3 simple stages: KNOW, LIKE. TRUST. First, they have to know you or be made aware that you even exist. Secondly, they need to see more of you and begin to like you. After getting to know you and seeing that your pretty likable (because of all the clever marketing you’ve done) they will finally be ready to trust you and invite you to enter into their home for your services.


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There is actually an ancient proverb that says:

“Everyone is a friend to a person who gives gifts.”

 (I think it’s from the Bible.)

Marketing guru Gary V. has been teaching this social media strategy for a long time. In his book entitled, “Jab. Jab. Jab. Right Hook” Gary V. says the give, give, give is like a jab.

You keep giving and giving – or jabbing and jabbing – and then you make the sale and throw that powerful right hook.

This doesn’t mean you don’t promote; it just means you don’t over promote. 

Later, I’ll show you how to be a giver as I give you (…see what I did there?) 20 non-promotional social media post ideas for your home service business.


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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Construction Contractors?

The best social media platforms for contractors are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Twitter, I believe, is more effective for staying in the loop with news, politics, and sports. Posts on Twitter are quickly buried with so much white noise. Some contractors may have a good following on Twitter, but I don’t believe people go to Twitter to learn more about contracting home services.

Managing social media for construction contractors by using Pinterest will probably be an effective platform for contractors as you could feature some great photography of Home Remodeling but I’m not sure it would be very effective for Industries like electricians or HVAC companies. To be quite honest I’ve not spent enough time on Pinterest. But… I do believe that it could be a key player for home remodelers and builders.

Finally, LinkedIn is primarily for B2B marketing (business-to-business). If your contracting company has a commercial division, you will not want to avoid LinkedIn. It would be a good idea to build an audience on Linkedin.  

Now… with that out of the way, let’s take a deep dive into how you can use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to get more leads for your construction contractor business.


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Instagram for contractors

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Instagram is great because it’s easy.

Instagram is popular with remodeling companies because you can easily upload photos of your most recent work. If people are looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling and if you have decent photography of recent projects with relevant hashtags you’ll get exposure and be on your way to building trust. Many of our contractors integrate Instagram with their Silverback Website, this way when the add a pic to Instagram it automagically appears on their website too.


The Biggest Social Media Platform for Contractors: Facebook

Facebook is a must because it’s still the biggest platform. I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook is very frustrating but you can’t deny the sheer numbers of people who are there every single stinking day.

Facebook is the 3rd most popular website in the world. Based on the sheer numbers of daily visits the top 3 websites are:

  • #1- Google

  • #2- YouTube

  • #3- Facebook

Consider how much it would cost monthly to rent a billboard on the busiest highway in your city versus how much it would cost to invest in a good Facebook marketing strategy. You can put yourself right in front of 10,0000 more people if you do your social media marketing strategy right.

Not only that, but with social media, you are not just getting in front of them while their driving at 80 miles per hour, but you are right there at their fingertips most likely when they’re just sitting on the couch or toilet. 

Best video social media for contractors: YouTube

It’s our favorite.

I think YouTube may be the best platform for Home Service contractors. First of all, I mentioned earlier that it’s the number 2 most popular website – every day. This means that people are now, not just going to Google to make searches but they are going to YouTube to search for things.

We often say, “Just Google it!” But the trend is turning into, “Just YouTube it!”

I am one of those people because I do this all the time.

Anytime I need to do anything I go to YouTube first and search to see if I can get a quick 5-minute video showing me how to do it efficiently.

If your company shot simple videos about how you perform certain services for homeowners, not only can you then take those same videos and place them on Facebook, and on your website, but you can use them in Facebook and YouTube advertising campaigns targeting your city and favorite demographics.

Today, video is king. People are reading less and watching more.

Most people prefer to consume information via video. In fact, even though I’ve written all these words in this post (which I’m doing primarily to get SEO results), I’ve also shot videos with the same content that you can look at on our YouTube channel here. 🙂 

Video Social Media For Contractors


If you’ve read this far you are probably ready to start using facebook, instagram, youtube, and social media to help grow your construction business. You can certainly grow your business by leveraging social media for contractors. If that’s you then I’ve got good news. Below we have about a half dozen more helpful posts and videos filled with how to’s, tips, social media hacks and more.


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