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Today all search is local search. When someone searches for “Mexican food” or “air-conditioning repair”, Google will naturally show local results. At one time it was common to search for phrases like “Mexican food near me” or “air-conditioning repair near me.” But today, all search is essentially a “near me” search. This is why it’s extremely important to optimize your local business to appear on local searches.

An optimize business will appear in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing maps, the Google three pack (sometimes called, “map pack” or “snack pack”), and the Google info graph.

Local Seo for Contractors

If you want your business to appear in these places then you will need to optimize your website and your business listing with a little Local SEO.

How do you optimize your business for local search? There are three main components.

1. Directory Citations

2. Optimized Website

3. Reviews


Citations are an extremely important part of your local optimization. The citations come from directories such as Google, Bing, Apple, Yelp, yellow pages, and hundreds of other directors that you’ve probably never heard of like:

To improve your local search results you’ll want to add your business to many of these directories, creating citations that link back to your website and your business name, address, and phone number.

It’s extremely important to add your business name, address, and phone (often called NAP) exactly the same on all of these directories. Consistency is key. If you have information that’s different on different directories it’s confusing to the Internet and Google may even choose not to reveal your business because there’s too much miss-information on the web.

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SILVERBACK WEB is local SEO company in St. Louis. We have a system that manages all your directories in one location this way we can keep all the information consistent and exact. We manage and handle all of your Local SEO for you. Your business will appear in Google Maps, Apple and Bing Maps as well as in the “Local Pack” and “Info Graph.”

Click below to run a totally free analysis of your business citations to see how much misinformation about your business is out there.


Your website is still a very important factor in ranking your business locally. Your Google My Business page and the citations you have built will all point to your business address, but they will also point to your website. For this reason, your website needs to be optimized to communicate to Google key information about your business.

There are many things you will want to optimize on your website to improve your local rankings. Check out this post where I show you how to do it: “LOCAL SEARCH: OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR GOOGLE MAPS”



The last step to boosting your local SEO is to get reviews. And I suggest you get tons of them. Tons! Think about it for a second. Let’s say you have 3 Google reviews for your business that are each 5 stars. That’s good. But honestly, Google, and everybody else, knows that even though you are rated 5 stars there are only 3 reviews. That’s not really that compelling. I like to see 20+ with 4+ rating. The more the better. Right?

But, and here’s the real reason for getting tons of reviews, let’s say you tick someone off and they leave you a bad review of 1 Star. Because you only have three 5-Star reviews this will drop your average down to 3 stars. If you had had twenty 4-5 star reviews this new 1-star review wouldn’t really hurt that much. So… if you have 50-100 positive reviews, you could afford to receive a few negative reviews. For this reason, you want to get 100+ reviews.

Now the added bonus to having so many reviews is that it signals Google that your business is a solid local business and therefore Google will more likely show your business in Google maps, the local 3-pack and more.

If getting 50-100 reviews sounds intimidating to you check out our video “1 Proven Tip To Get Just About Every Customer To Leave You a Review.”


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