Use YouTube to Market your Contractor Business

Use YouTube to Market your Contractor Business

I’ve been getting increasingly interested in using YouTube for digital marketing. It is quite obvious that one can use YouTube to build an audience, get in front of potential clients, advertise, and even monetize a channel for a little extra cash.

On top of all that, it seems pretty clear that we are just beginning to see the platform’s potential for contractors and local businesses.

Check out these compelling YouTube statistics:

None of these statistics are very surprising to me because they correlate with my own experience. I use YouTube almost before I use Google when conducting an internet search.

I have also found myself choosing to spend the evening watching YouTube videos from my favorite channels over the final season of Game of Thrones.

Now, that’s saying something.

YouTube has certainly become a key player in our digital lives.

The question is…

“Are you going to take advantage of the trend?”

In the months to come, we will post some tutorials and videos about using YouTube.

We’ll also document our journey starting and growing a channel.

Until then, let me give 3 keys to being successful on YouTube:

  • 1- Consistency
  • 2- Quality
  • 3- Optimization


1- Consistency

The word on the street is that you should post regularly and consistently. If you want to post 1 or 2 videos a month, that’s fine, just be sure to schedule, shoot, and upload on a regular, consistent schedule.

Many YouTubers have conducted their own tests by starting a daily vlog. Most all of them have reported getting more subscribers because of the daily consistency.

Don’t think too much. Just do it!

If you want to start with a simple monthly routine, go for it. Just do it monthly until you’re ready to ramp it up.


2- Quality

By quality, I mean both production quality and content quality.

First, you want good content. Free and helpful content will impress folks and help you build an audience. Don’t just ramble. Plan your video, keep it moving, and give great content.

Second, you don’t want to deliver good content in a poorly shot video. Here are 3 huge tips for increasing your quality:

  • 1- use an external mic,
  • 2- use good lighting,
  • 3-edit the video so its fun to watch.

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money. Your phone has a great camera built-in. But I would recommend spending some money on a mic and maybe even some LED lights to make your ugly mug more flattering.

Below: I have a budget, bare-bones YouTube kit that I’ve already put together for a few clients. It’s cheap and easy to use and therefore, can get you moving right away.

3- Optimization

Finally, there are ways to plan your videos around keywords that folks are actually interested in and searching for. Once you find the key topics, you can make videos around those topics and then optimize the video by adding SEO terms, tags, and a compelling thumbnail. We’ll talk more about optimization in a different blog/video soon.

Start ASAP! You know what they say…

“The best time to plant a tree… was 20 years ago!”

That being said, the sooner you start shooting videos for your company’s YouTube channel the better.

Video Gear Post.001

The budget list – using your phone


1. External mic – Rode VideoMicro

Audio quality is extremely important. You may think that the mic on your phone is good enough. Im here to tell you, it’s not. You’ll immediately notice the difference a $50 mic will make. Not only that, but for out door shots, this rode mic comes with a wind blocking thing, called a dead mouse, to filter out the wind. In my opinion, a mic is the most important thing you need.

Check out the current price of the Rode VideoMicro here:


2. Patch cable for iPhone

If you are using an iPhone, you’ll want to get this SC7 patch cable. With out getting too technical, the iPhone’s input is different than the input on the cable that comes with the mic.

You’ll notice that the cable the mic comes with has 2 little black rings on both inputs. The patch cable has 3 little black rings.

Once you get this patch cable you simply plug the Gray end into the iPhone and the black end into the Rode VideoMicro.

Here’s a link:


3. Holder: ULANZI Smartphone Video Rig

If you get a mic, you’re now going to need somewhere to mount it. You can’t just clip it on your phone. You could hold it with your left hand and then shot with your right, but that will lead to shaky footage. It’s so much easlier to spend $10 on a little rig that holds your phone, the mic, and a few other things… like a light.

Check out the current price of this cheap rig on amazon:


4. Tripod & Selfie Stick

This is my favorite little desktop tripod. I love it because its so small, you can using to hold the camera and rig out as a self stick and you can open it up as a small tripod.

This Manfroto is so inexpensive. You’ll thank me once you see how versatile it is.


5. LED Light

You might not need this little light but it doesn’t hurt to have it. Even if you’re shooting outside, you can use a small light to flush out shadows under your eyes, etc… This light is less than 20 bucks and it comes with a rechargable battery, plus the option to use AA’s incase of an emergency, and it’s dimmable and reversible, meaning you can use either white light or the back side yellowish, tungsten light cover.

Learn More Here:

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