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When it comes to choosing a company to build your website, Silverback Web & Marketing encompasses Web Design St. Charles – the king of the Midwestern jungle- digitally speaking, of course. Our team has worked on hundreds of websites with numerous clients, especially contractors, around the St. Charles area and we have built an impressive portfolio of beautifully-designed web sites for clients in this area. Web Design St. Charles

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Your web page is your customer’s first impression, and it often speaks volumes about your company. Does your website look like something out of the ’90s, like the Space Jam Website? Does the tiny text, blurry images, and grainy GIFS remind of the still-extant campaign website of Bob Dole.St. Charles web design

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Customers want products and services that feel high-quality and modern. That feeling, that essence, can (and will be) evoked by the website they visit. A slick, modern page will the customer see your company as professional, cutting-edge, and business smart. While many legendary restaurants, law firms, and contractor companies have turned their nose up at the idea of keeping a modern website (“let the quality of the business speak for itself,” they say) it’s hard to deny that these already-great businesses would attract even more customers with a new, modern page. Why not use every tool possible to attract and keep customers: provide a high quality service while also engaging in modern marketing practices, including a strong website. Web Design St. Charles

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We get it. Building a webpage is tough. Making all of the various elements cohere is a difficult task, especially for a beginner. We see the struggles our customers in St. Charles, MO have all the time. Not only do these businesses have to create content like writing copy and taking photos, but you also have to connect everything together in a unified aesthetic style that perfectly reflects your brand. And you have to do all of this while still trying to provide the excellent services you are already providing for your customer. We’re here to tell you that you can relax. We’ve got this. We’ve done this before with clients across St. Charles county, especially contractors, and we know how to make your page look modern and impress your customer. With our help, you can get back to work doing what you do best: your business. Web Design St. Charles

Web Designers Choice: Important Websites for St. Charles, MO

If you are new to St. Charles, MO, or even if you’ve lived here for some time, you may be curious about the most important online resources for this region. As a company that works and lives everyday in the world of digital marketing, we can tell you which ones to take a look at. Below are a few example of essential websites for the area.

The St. Charles City-County Library Catalog

Libraries have come a long way from the days when stuffy librarians were hushing patrons who talked too loud. In the age of Netflix and Kindle, libraries have also gone digital, and depending the library to which you belong, you may have access to resources that provide free books, audiobooks, movies, and even music. The St. Charles City-County Library offers Hoopla, Overdrive, and Kanopy. If you’re not interested in going digital, you can also still check out physical books and materials, and you can also reserve them in advance for pick-up. Check out the catalog to get started.

The St. Charles County Website

This webpage is a great hub for various departments and branches of the St. Charles government. Here you can find agendas and minutes, new ordinances, building services, and endless other resources related to the city. As a side note, we are impressed that St. Charles County didn’t slouch on their web design. While many local government websites remain outdated, the St. Charles, MO page is clean, modern, with large, attractive typefaces and intuitive navigation. Here at Silverback Web & Marketing, we approve of their design choices and make similar choices in our own approach to building websites.

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St. Charles Mainstreet Website

One of the highlights of living in St. Charles, MO is the proximity to Historic Main Street. With its wide variety of unique restaurants, craft stores, shops, and exhibits, Main Street is the perfect spot for an afternoon outing with friends and families. This area is famed for its connection to Louis and Clarke and even features a monument of the explorers in Main Street’s nearby Frontier Park. This park, in addition to being the ideal spot for a picnic, is the location of many local festivals. If you are looking for more information on Main Street, the best place to start is the discover St. Charles Website, a web page with a charming aesthetic design, beautiful pictures, and fun updates on events happening in the area. web design st. charles

The Missouri State Parks Web Page

If you are looking for a good trail to walk, ride your bike, or even exercise, you will find no better path than the famous Katy Trail. This trail, which is officially referred to as a state park in itself, is 240 miles long and was build on the former corridor of an old railroad, specifically the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. For information on the Katy Trail, a great place to start looking is the Missouri parks website. Admittedly, the design of the site itself is a bit old-fashioned (although maybe not Space Jam levels of old-fashion) but the information in the website is extremely helpful. So check out the page for more.

Other locations and Resources:

St. Charles County Department of Public Health

St. Charles Police Department

City of St. Charles School District

Foundry Art Center

Address: 520 N Main Center, St Charles, MO 63301

Phone: 636-255-0270

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