Website Tutorial

How to Edit Your Website

At Silverback we are proud to use WordPress to build your website. WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). That means it manages your content by giving you options on how you would like to show that content to your website viewers.

So, WordPress is the system.

On top of all WordPress sites is a theme. The theme controls the look and functionality of the WordPress system. At Silverback we use DIVI as our exclusive theme. That means all of our sites are built on WordPress with the Divi theme.

And, Divi is the theme.

We love Divi. After years of website design, we have chosen to work with Divi exclusively.

Now that you have a Silverback designed website, your site will also be using the Divi theme. Below is a walk-thru tutorial, developed by the creators of Divi. We recommend that you take the time to watch this video to learn more about your new website. It is a 25 min video but – once you’ve watched it – you will feel much happier about yourself and be able to navigate and move around the Divi builder efficiently.

Now that you have the basics you can edit and build onto your website. 

By the way, You can also learn more over at Divi.

And… Divi has a huge community on the web and youtube. If you run into areas where you are stuck or have a specific question just ask youtube? You’re bound to get the answer. I can’t tell you how often I do that. Just ask a question and be sure to add the word Divi.

ex. search: “How to change logo on Divi” or “how to embed youtube video with divi”

How to Build and grow your website

Now that you have the basics, I hope you enjoy moving around and adding more content to your website. Of course, if you get tired of doing it, or find that you just don’t have time, you can always sign up for our Managed Website package. With our Basic Web Package, we add, subtract, build and manage content for you monthly. 


Things you shouldn’t or can’t edit on your new website

You will be able to do a ton with this knowledge. However, there are still a few things that you may need our help with. Here is a list of things that we will need to fix for you.

  • Contact Form 
  • Funnel Setup
  • MailChimp Connection
  • Plugin Conflicts
  • Google Sheets Connection
  • HTTPS or SSL Issues
  • Footer Content
  • HTML or CSS Changes





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